Sunday, February 01, 2009

Now, Is the time to rise!

Wake up all of us, I know there are a lots of us wondering what is life and I know a lot of you are reading this, so starting by today lets share our life journey philosophy. By knowing all of you, we will get to know myself as a whole. Doesn't matter who you are, a lawyer, a policeman, a thief, a prostitute, a woman, granny, a swinger, a gay, bi, hetero or just a kid, we all have something to tell about life. All we need to do is just ask for an upgrade and that makes the system more advanced and has a roadmap to its higher purpose. So, I just gonna start by saying "Life is like a dream", I like the song.. All comments and posting are welcome, just share what you think the life is..

Happy Belated New Year!

Hi there!

Have been away from computer for more than a month. It was really refreshing and rejuvenating. Just got back from Indonesia where I had met lots of spiritual Gurus. Amazing, really amazing... I have learnt lots of new things in life like no other.

To really know about yopurself, you need to bring out your trueself. We say we know ourselves but does the world knows who we are? Do the neighbors in your neighborhood know you? Do all the staffs in your office or work area know who you are? Does the people in your country know you? What about the world? The sky, the moon, the air, water, fire and earth? Think about it.. Just between the humans, I would have lots of respect to Obama.. I hate politics but at one point almost the whole world knows Obama..

So, again it is about being balance between being somebody and nobody, if you know what I mean..

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thoughts and Actions

So.. Where did it comes from? All the brilliant ideas that make up the world comes from the same source. Whether it is a good or bad idea, it all comes from the same source. Universal conciousness (mainframe) as I would like to call it. but anyway it is not the topic that I would like to discuss here.

What I like to highlight here is the two different path that you take when you do somthing. It is all from the thoughts that comes to your brain. Sometimes you just do not know what you have done or did for certain tasks or activities in your daily life. For example, I had signed up for Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu class recently which I had never thought of. But later I discover my hidden skills that is awaiting for me to discover.

Sometimes, you do things which you had planned for and you know what you are doing. And sometimes, so many things in your mind that you are planning to do later. Seconds by seconds the thoughts come to your mind and you are determine to do it but there is also external force that can overule your plans. For example, while you were in shower, you were thinking of going to the gym with your buddy but once you fisnish off your shower, you got a call from someone you love telling you that someone is very sick and need your help. So there goes your plan..

You see.. even one second or a minute later is not beyond our control. So, learn to absorb the external force which will bring you back to be the King to your body and the King is God itself.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Back to Hypnosis

Now, that many of you had email me on this subject since I did promise to write an article on simple technique to hypnotise. To start with lets do it with someone you know like your own family or friends.

Now, I am presuming that most of your close mates will look at you with slightly raises eyebrows if you launch into a lecture on how nice it is to

So, as a solution, don't say a great deal...
A great starting point is the hypnotic gaze induction, now this has nothing to do with magick or the occult; it is just refocusing your eyes so it appears to them that you are looking through them.

As you seem to look though the, they usually begin to enter a mild trance just through that, try it on yourself in a mirror and see if you don't start to feel a little out of focus!

Now, after you have been gazing though your now slightly entranced friend for a moment or so, you can begin to verbally deepen the state, maintaining the gaze. I find that with family and friends, those who are familiar with your non hypnotic speech pattern, using the quotes pattern helps 100 fold...

So instead of saying "now as you sit there, noticing your breathing..."
You can say "you know...there are some weird people in the world...I was on a bus the other day...and someone sat next to me...looked me right in the eyes... and said for me to notice my breathing...he said that he wanted me to Breath deeper...and relax...and what was the strangest thing...I did relax..Now."

Remember to use your own words, and mark out your embedded commands by perhaps a drop in tonality or a specific gesture.

This should hopefully induce a light trace state, if now... just continue, the great thing about this is that if it doesn’t work, no harm is done and you can try again.

"And as I sat there...on the bus...this man...kept telling me... to feel think about the gentle movement of the bus...and to breath deeper still... and feel so relaxed"

So, hope fully we have the basic trance induction, there are literally 1000s of conversational inductions you can use, soon I will collect what I consider to be the best in a specific article, but for now, just do that or something similar to induce the conversational trance.

Your wok here should follow the ABS protocol.
A=attention, (this is done through the hypnotic gaze"
B= Bypass the critical factor (This is done though use of the quotes pattern)
S=Stimulate the unconscious (this is done though the suggestions to relax)

Now that we have followed the crucial ABS formula, it is time to do our trance work.

This depends on your intention, if your intention is just to practice, then you can do what you like as long as it is positive, and not objectionable (break these rules and risk annoying the critical factor, breaking the trance state and getting slapped)

Your intention should be themed to help them, some examples of what I have done include general happiness, helping a friend with exam nerves, helping a family member before a job interview etc.

With the trance any positive suggestion you give will multiply in strength by dozens of times after you have induced the light trance, so just give them positive suggestions, still be subtle and indirect as a rule, for example for the simple happiness theme "and as I sat there, in the bus...I couldn't help hear...the strange man...telling me to..Feel so happy...and I felt a sense of his suggestions...and couldn't help...allowing feel really good...really feel i listened to the words he spoke... strangely enough...i did seem to feel happy...perhaps for no reason...which i new of"

And now that you know the basics of inducing a trance and giving positive suggestions to your family, it is now time to some much more covert stuff...

Have you ever been ranted at by a family member or friend? Has someone close to you ever really lost it, flew off the handle and gone n an emotional rant?

Now often times you deserve, and in those cases it is best to shut up and take it on the chin. However, if they are going too far, and it is best for both you and then if they stop it; it is time to employ the famous pattern interrupt. The interrupt is also great for getting people out of other negative states, such as fear, sadness, anger and such like.

Now really any random statement will do, but it helps to be congruent, say it as if it was something meaningful, this will double the effect.

A simple interrupt alone however will not do much good. This creates a small opening in their consciousness, which if you don't fill returns back to the old negative state that you don't want.

So to fill it you quickly have to re frame the situation, in the small opening assume the role of the one who is in charge, and quickly move them out of the negative frame e of mind.

For example...
Break the negative state with a non-sequester like "the dog meowed in the rain last Tuesday."

Quickly step up to them and say something like "now pull yourself together, you know it will be fine, now sit down and you'll be fine"

And hopefully that will help you out, you have followed the ABS formula to a degree:

A: The congruence and importance place on your non-sequester by your tonality grabs their attention

B: You have bypassed the critical factor by creating a small gap of blankness as they struggle to understand what you said

S: you have stimulated the unconscious by taking control f the situation and giving them positive suggestion.

Now, you have some powerful tools here for creating dramatic positive change in the live of those close to you.

You have read about them, it is time to get out into the real word and start doing them, and your induction don't need to be as weird as a scary stranger on a bus, tailor them to who you are speaking to.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Is there such thing as bad luck?

One day, it just happens that you wake up late for work and there is a very-very important meeting/presentation that your boss had asked you to attend at 8 a.m. Then you had a car problem, the battery's dead. You need to call for the breakdown service to get the replacement battery. By now the time is already 8 a.m. and you are running late.. So, how do you deal with this situation??

Little that you know that all these problems are coming and that there is no way you could have prevent it earlier. Actually, all have been planned for you on that day to be like that and it is not what it supposed to be. No problem! It is in accordance to the master programmer who wants it to be that way. So what happen to create your own destiny? Why it didn't go as what you had planned?

The system that we live in is an equilibrium by itself where it creates hormony by balancing the positive and negative. If you noticed, the night before you had a party or some good time or happy hour which had gone a little extreme. And the next morning, the universal system just correct the situation and brings you back to the balance state. You need to realise that the things that happened to you are all self-inflicted. The way to accept the balance state in the act is to let it be and think positive on all the causes and effects. For example, if it wasn't your car's battery dead, you might had gone out at 7.15 am and hit the road. And at 7.20 am you missed the red light and had got you into an accident. However, you really do not know wheather the accident will happen or not. but if you look deeply you will know it.. Another thing you can just get exploded with the situation and rush to take a cab to the office just to meet the 8am. You only noticed that you had left the latest presentation slide at home and endup showing the outdated slides.

The question is how do you deal with the master programmer plan since it seems bad to your eyes. It is how you react to the situation that is important because the actions that you take will determine the scenario. So coming back to the situation, you chose not to react negatively and waited for the car's battery replacement. You reached office calmly at 8.30 a.m. and amazingly the meeting has not started since they are still waiting for the big boss that is late on that day. Now you have time to set your presentation slide and have a sip of coffee while waiting. It's not a bad day after all..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Source of the Force

What make the shape of a certain thing? Quark is the smallest particle of atom which is in a form of light. It can be formed into any shapes and in everthing that we see. It is the force that bind them together in any particular shape. Ever wonder why identical twins can feel each other's feeling? Because they are alike.. so how to be alike and able to feel the vibration.

However, we are only able to see the outer layer (physical) because we are using the eyes and interpreted by the brain. But if you look from the heart you will see what is beyond the shape, beyond the physical (material). The question is how do we see it from the heart?

Try this.. take 1 card from the deck and try to guess? Did you guess the correct number? No.. that's because you are still trying to use your brain. Now, shut down all your physical cues and transform yourself into light quark. Back to the same source, in energy form we are all the same. So, you wont do bad things to others once you realise that you are only doing it to yourself. Look at many to one and one to many.

Feel yourself as a card, and try to feel the new form that you are now. Feel the weight and density of the new form you are now and look at youself what is written on your body. Now, for you that have tons of experience in meditating, you know that the mind will interfere and influence your judgement. So, blank yourself and feel the vibration in you until you can feel you are just a wave of vibration. At this moment you are just the witness. Nothingness is life..

Sunday, November 02, 2008

I'm Back!

Dear Readers,

Thank you for the emails, comments and support that have inspired me to keep on writing. I know it has been a long time since the last time I wrote something on this blog.

Well, it has been a hard time for the past couples of month. Have been helping out someone I love to go through the life and keep on fighting. It is not easy for a healer to help someone when the patient does not believe in you or in what you practice. It just like doing hypnosis, it wont work if the person is not a suggestive person and it is like hitting a concrete wall.

Same thing here, I did transfer tons of my chi but it was rejected by the body and I know it is a sign..

Anyway, I will share what I've learn and allevation to the higher level after going through the tests in life.


Monday, June 02, 2008

Ultimate Alarm Clock

Dear readers,
Thank you for all the comments and emails. Really appreciate it. Been soo busy lately with my new project on Healing a Kidney Renal Failure patients. It is time consuming and involve lots of energy. I will be sharing the experiences and results on the Healing journey.